CWE- CafeBiz Women Entrepreneurs” serves as a community which supports and handholds Women entrepreneurs (Rural Or Urban), who are looking to convert their dreams, ideas into reality, dare to take risks and passionate about creating livelihood for others.

CWE Hub started it’s journey on 1st December 2018 with the launch of it’s virtual incubator which today has in it’s first Cohort 37 promising Women Entrepreneurs from Pan India which are being guided and mentored by industry experts.

Recently, Lucknow CWEHUB Chapter for Women has been initiated which has more than 150 women as members who will be meetup regularly to network, learn and grow by finding business opportunities among themselves.

At the CWE Hub we are trying to address the problem of connecting women (rural or urban) to the Value chain and focusing on their Financial & Marketing Linkages. This is one and only Virtual Hub which believes in handholding of a woman entrepreneur

CWEHUB is a part of WE Foundation.

About the Founder

Greetings from WE Foundation & CWEHUB !!

You are amazing as you are. You are strong, passionate about making a difference, warm, generous etc. than you think.

You are a Queen coz' you earned the title. So you should wear the crown proudly.

We all have dreams and we try hard to make our dreams true. Not all dreams get fulfilled but we passionately work towards making them a reality. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we excel . But you know that, you need to move ahead of your fear to make your dreams come true.

CWEHUB is a result of passion & dreams. I also took risks to make my dreams true with my passion.

Be Successful !!

Cheers to your new journey !!

Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high - PV Sindhu


So, CWE HUB gives you entire handholding in your business so that you are sustainable. You can choose any of these services or all of them according to your requirements.


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