CWEHUB is the Virtual Incubator cum Accelerator which will handholds every women entrepreneur to build and sustain their dreams.

There is an enormous global opportunity for Women Entrepreneur (WE) to bring new technologies and solutions to cities and help solve major challenges in any sectors. Unfortunately, there are issues that get into the way of Women Entrepreneur (WE) in meeting and engaging with key mentors, and get a guidance for road map ahead in order to gain traction or any kind of issues for initiating or scaling up.This challenge will help Women Entrepreneur (WE) to pitch, engage and receive feedback from Mentors and as well as investors and thought leaders in this space.

We all go through of ups and downs in our Roller Coaster Entrepreneurial journey. By the end of this yearlong campaign, the incubation & acceleration Cohorts will definitely help the Women Entrepreneurs to overcome their Roadblocks.

We have a huge list of Mentors & Investors who will handhold the Women Entrepreneurs in this Challenge.

There are various benefits offered by our other partners for our Women Entrepreneurs


  • This Challenge is open to all Women Entrepreneurs (WE) irrespective of their Stage & Categories of Startup.
  • The WE who are facing Roadblocks in their Entrepreneurial Journey will apply for the challenge on the Link provided below.
  • Once the application is submitted then WE will be classified on the basis of their categories of their Ventures.
  • WE will be mapped to respective Mentors to guide and support them.
  • WE who are in Scale up stages will be given a chance to pitch their business in the finale in Delhi/NCR in the month of September.
  • The WE will be moved to Incubation & Accelerator Cohorts from October onwards. These Cohorts will be a mix of Offline & Virtual sessions.

Who can apply

  • This Challenge is open to all Women Founders, Women led businesses, Women Co Founders and even Women who have ideas and aspire to be Women Entrepreneurs.
  • This is for the Women Entrepreneurs who are facing challenges in their businesses.
  • The challenge can be of Marketing, Branding, Team, Technology, Go to Market, Generating Sales, Expansion, Lead Generation, Funding , validation of idea etc.


  • Ideation
  • Early Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Scale up Stage





Registration closed on 31st May 19





( event will have Pitching sessions for the Scale up stages)




Dolly Bhasin

Innovator, advisor, mentor

Dr. Prerna Taneja

Co-Founder-Global Women Network

Divya Rajput

Innovation,Incubation & Sustainability Evangelist

Sreelata Krishnan

Social Impact Coach/ Mentor,Startup Enabler

Ridhima Jain

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Shraddha Patil

Director at Spoina, Founder Mentorpreneurs

Dr. Nilu Singh

Deptt of Computer Science & Engg.

Devika Majumder

Wall Street Journal featured | TED Speaker @Entrepreneur

Reshma Thakur

Reshma Thakur

Founder Puratan Herbals, Mentor, Cherie Blair

Pradeep Rathi

Serial Entrepreneur | Advisor | Mentor-in-Chief | Startup Evangelist

Surya Kant

Story teller, Entrepreneurship Consultant

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi

Forbes 30u30 | Mentor | Advisor | VC | Angel Investor| Growth Consultant

Jatin Srivastava

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Mentor

Sandeep Zutshi

Founder & Principal Consultant- ZA Consulting

Anshul Dave

Anshul Dave

CEO & Managing Partner Oceans Bridge

Rajesh P. Sinha

Entrepreneur, Human Capability Coach

Suraj Mullick

Suraj Mullick

Entrepreneur, Mentor

Amit Verma

Founder, StartupSuccess Stories

Kiraan Mehta

Founder at Vezado Ecom India Private Limited, Seed Investor

Bhavesh Kothari

Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor

Jaya Goyal

Committee Member MEPSC, Chairperson Women Entrepreneur Cell, Pioneers Water ATM

Nidhi Lal

Personal Branding Coach(Founder-ImageCatalyst),Co-Founder Global Women Network,Co-Creator Tipping Point 1.0

Smita Pandey Mishra

Fandoro, Generating funds to meet SDGs| QAZone Infosystems| International Speaker

Shashank Randev

Seed Investment | Open Innovation | PIOCCI - Global Business Platform | Advisor at Yuvin Esports

Roshni Baronia

Go-Global Strategist | Speaker | Helping Women Entrepreneurs Scale Their Success

Annu Grover

Green Evangelist-MD at Nurturing Green

Nabomita Mazumdar

Ambassador to Ministry of Women and Child Development at Ministry of Women & Child Development

Gaurav Lath

Entrepreneur | Thinker | Director, T & L Gases Pvt Ltd | Founder, TankUp | Former Chairman | Young Indian CII - Lucknow